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Abundant Life Preschool offers your child a safe, loving and stimulating environment. The school will provide experiences that encourage the development of your child’s positive self-concept, while recognizing individual needs.

Lesson Plans:

The lead teacher of each classroom will plan and post a weekly lesson plan.

2’s and 3’s Goals and Development:

Focus on learning opportunities to develop individually on social, emotional and cognitive experiences. Enhance concepts in order to be ready for Pre-K.
Pre-Kindergarten Goals and Development:  Each Pre-K student will be assessed twice a year to determine individual strengths and needs. These assessments will be shared with the parents at Parent/Teacher Conferences in the spring.


Abundant Life Preschool is dedicated to providing each child with interesting, challenging and age appropriate activities that engage the imagination and enhance cognitive skills. We strive to equip your child with those skills necessary (emotionally, socially, and academically) to be ready to enter and be successful in Kindergarten. This is achieved through play such as music and rhythm,  language, fine and gross motor activities, dramatic play, cooking, science, creative media and outside experiences throughout the community at large. We also help to enhance and promote each child’s sense of positive self-image, individuality and creativity. Every child is encouraged to participate in all types of play. Through play and hands on activities, children develop the skills needed.

Abundant Life Preschool offers a center-based activities program. “Choice” center children can choose from are:

  • Listening and Audio
  • Pretend Play
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science and Sensory
  • Art
  • Small Manipulative Skills (beading, puzzles, matching, peg boards, card and board games)
  • Large Manipulative Skills (cars, dinosaurs, animals, blocks and building tools)
  • Bible Lesson

The alphabet is practiced daily. Children learn numbers, days of the week, months, seasons, shapes, colors, and much more. Our activities help children develop patience, cooperation, boundaries, respect, and tolerance of others as well as encouraging good manners, personal hygiene, social development, and personal growth all of which are essential to reach their full potential.