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“Over the past 8 years, I have had the privilege of having both of my daughters go through ALP from 1year old until they graduated the Pre-K program. I have found the teachers and staff at ALP to always be warm, welcoming, and passionate about children. The teachers and staff always taught developmentally appropriate material and skills that had high interest to the children and fully engaged the children in the lessons. When my daughters graduated from Pre-k they left with the necessary skill to be successful in Kindergarten. I highly recommend ALP to any parent that is seeking a loving, educational, and Christ centered preschool experience for their child.” Amber Burns

“As a working mother I have found great comfort having my children enrolled at ALP. After six years and two children in the program, I know that my children are happy, safe and well cared for. The staff is amazing! They are patient, consistent, reliable and friendly which are all important qualities necessary to have a successful curriculum. I have come to know and trust these individuals through daily interactions with many of them. I know that this preschool is where my children belong and I will continue to support ALP for several more years as my youngest continues to row. The girls are proud to say that they attend/ed ALP! As they say it takes a “village” to raise a child and I am thankful these teachers have touched their lives along the way! It is such a blessing and wonderful foundation for them to experience as we’re entrusting our greatest treasures.” Lynnette Johnson

“Abundant Life Preschool is not just a preschool, but like a second home for my children. They grew up in classrooms full of warmth and love. Their teachers are always caring and professional.” Cheryl Sedillo

“When my daughter started Abundant Life Preschool as a 1 year old, the teachers and care takers were very patient, communicative and catering to each child’s needs. They helped her adjust from a 2 to 1 nap time per day and her interpersonal skills improved. In addition, I was reassured daily of Acacia’s well being. Being a full-time parent I really appreciated the cleanliness of the facility, genuine character of the staff, and detailed overview of events during the day. Unfortunately I took a new job out of state, ALP is what I miss most from Flagstaff!” Leah Schofield